Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baby, baby, baby, ooohhh

Seriously.  Blogging takes too much time.  I still have no idea how I'm going to juggle this hobby when baby Ellie comes.  I'm having a hard time right now just juggling Ah, I'm sure I'll figure it out.  I could also just dump a buttload of adorable baby pictures, that differ very slightly, every day and call it blogging.  Hahaha, just kidding.

How far along?:  26 weeks.

Baby:  Baby girl Ellie.  She's averaging about 2 pounds right now, and apparently will double each month.  AH!  How does this happen?

Symptoms:  Heartburn.  At least a couple times a day.  I'm really trying to not have to get the 24 hour relief drugs, but my Tums supply depletes so fast!  Back pain has also come and gone quite a bit.  There will be moments when I'm incredibly sore in certain spots, but it usually goes away after awhile.  I need to get on the prenatal yoga workout train.

Food:  Still nothing in the craving or aversion departments.  Most of the time when I see something I want, I just grab it.  So there hasn't been much room for massive/weird cravings.

Belly/body:  My body is getting bigger.  Less and less of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit.  It's so sad!  But at least I'm building up a nice maternity wardrobe for all future babies!

Baby Moments:  She kicks too much.  Holy cow.  I've had a few rib kicks (terrible, terrible things) and she likes to kick me all day and all night.  It has been fun noticing how she notices things more.  Her ears are fully developed so she will kick a lot when loud music is on (especially at daddy's concerts).  Speaking of daddy, he gave her her first music theory lesson on Lydian scales and she actually responded with multiple kicks in the face.  I can't wait to meet her!

Excitements:  I finally found a swimsuit!!  It was only $40 for the whole thing, on sale, AND it was from Motherhood.  Woot!  I'm pretty excited and need to find a reason to go swimming or something.

Racerback Maternity Swim Top
It's MUCH cuter in person and it has a racer back.  Super comfy!

To-dos:  I need to start planning some freezer meals for when she comes.  We're moving out into my grandparent's house (we are planning on saving up so we can hopefully put a down payment on a house) so I'm sure we'll have meals figured out by eating together, but I know I'll get hungry during our midnight feedings and I don't want to make Nick make all the food because I'm sure he'll be helping out as well.  I'm thinking some breakfast burritos, a few crockpot meals, and bags of smoothie stuff so I can just throw it in the blender.  Any other suggestions?

Other things:  The Pregnant Chicken is my absolute FAVORITE pregnancy blog.  It is hilarious, witty, interesting, and still incredibly helpful/insightful.  If you want to learn more about pregnancy, just browse their site.


  1. That swimsuit is super cute!! :)

  2. I love your new swimsuit!! And I love that Ellie kicked Nick in the face when he tried to teach her Lydian! I would too. ;)

    AS far as blogging goes...just do whatever you can! I'm sure you'll settle into a routine fast enough, and if you don't have time/desire/energy to blog, just post Instagram photos sometimes to keep us satisfied in the meantime ;)

  3. Ellie is just about the cutest name ever. Just sayin' lol.


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