Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Life doesn't suck.

See?  It doesn't suck.

I have had very little motivation, inspiration, and time to blog lately.  Okay, maybe not time because obviously I'm doing it now, but you get the idea.

Our weekends keep getting filled with plans and to-dos, Nick has 2304982 gigs and/or rehearsals a week, and my do-before-baby-gets-here list just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  I'm trying to catch up on blogs, be social, and yet make sure Nick and I get to spend time together because we will go days with just the passing kiss before/after sleeping and it gets old and tiresome at times.

But, I'm not here to vent.  I don't need to vent because life doesn't suck.  Nothing is wrong with our life.  We're doing incredibly well.  Nick is getting more and more opportunities with work, music, and all of his adventurous hobbies.  Baby Ellie is doing very well and she does like to show it at all hours in the day.  I'm still able to do all of the things I want to do, work, and still waste my free time on silly games, websites, and blogging.

You know what, there are quite a few more things that are making life not so terrible these days.

1.  Frisbee golf.  We discovered our love of frisbee golf.  Seriously, it is such a fun activity.  You are enjoying being outside while socializing with people you, hopefully, like to be around.  And, best of all, I can do this sport while pregnant!  Big bonus right there.

2.  Family visits.  My in-laws came over for Mother's Day weekend and we got to spend it at my favorite place in the world.

Lake Samish.  Ahh...

3.  Breakfast food.  Nick and I have a favorite must-go place to get the BEST breakfast food in town.  It's called Little Cheerful and while it's a little hippy podunk restaraunt, it seriously has some pretty amazing home-cookin'.  The pancakes are my favorite.  Somehow they get them to be crispy on the outside and incredibly fluffy on the inside.  Mmmm, I want some now.

4.  Baby kicks.  I've just started noticing her kicks outside of my stomach.  It really freaked me out the first time.  It was pretty much like a sci-fi movie with some creature inside of your stomach.  Very sentimental, I know.  But, it's pretty fun to be able to see her move around more and more.

Not related at all, but I love it.

5.  Shopping.  I don't think I have to explain this because we all know how therapeutic a few new outfits can be. 

6.  New movies.  I went on a trailer rampage the other day and now I am extremely excited for some new movies to come out.  This is the End, Hangover III, Elysium, and Kick Ass II.


  1. Totally LOL'ed at that Gimli picture...hilarious.

    I am glad things aren't sucking and you are still doing well! Isaiah keeps trying to get me to play frisbee golf...I have yet to give in. It just looks so boring...I hate frisbee, and I hate golf, so frisbee+golf sounds like a nightmare...

  2. I think a restaurant names Little Cheerful would have to be awesome. I'm a sucker for random/unusual restaurant names. We passed by a restaurant called "The Handsome Hobo" recently and I really wanted to go there! :P


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