Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Five Things

A lot of bloggers around the blog world are doing this little five things thing.  So, why not?


1.  I have a Pandora playlist that consists of musicals and Disney songs.  I listen to this all. the. time.  No joke.  I think it plays at least three times a week.  I also sing along to it at the top of my lungs.

2.  I actually really enjoy watching sci-fi movies.  This is definitely because of my sci-fi fanatic husband (and a close friend of ours who shares this love), but I am not ashamed to admit this.  I do enjoy most of the Alien movies.  I enjoy watching Predator (with a beastly Arnold Schwarzenegger), the new Cloud Atlas, Prometheus, Serenity, and, you know, all the other crazy/weird science-fiction films.

3.  I told Casey this yesterday, but in middle school I went through a "dude" phase.   This consisted of saying "dude" whenever possible.  I don't remember why or how this started, but I DO remember it taking a LONG time for me to get over it and phase myself out.  In college I definitely went through a thumbs-up phase.  Sometimes the thumbs-up would include a little thumb wiggle.  Very cool.

4.  I was never a dress wearer growing up.  Up until now I only enjoyed wearing dresses when it was time to go out somewhere and dress up.  Now, being pregnant, I wear a lot more dresses and let me just say, THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE!  I think I may just try and update my wardrobe post-pregnancy to include more dresses.  Yes.

5.  I LOVE strawberries.  Anything with strawberries I will devour.  The other week we made two, TWO, strawberry pies and ate them all.  There was a fruit salad at church the other day and I purposefully took a scoop that had the most strawberries in it.  This is not a pregnancy craving because I've always felt this way, but it may be heightened just a little from my pregnancy...

Now, YOU should do it!


  1. #4 is totally me!!! :) I never liked dresses growing up but as an adult I love them. :)

  2. I LOVE sci-fi movies! Alien movies are my favorite...have you seen Oblivion yet? I won't spoil anything for you if you haven't.

    And hey...ain't nothin' wrong with a little Disney singalong ;)

  3. i am sorta into dresses right now. i am just itching to go look for some at goodwill.

    i sing disney songs at random. lately its been mary poppins songs.

  4. I wear dresses a lot more now than I used to. When I was a kid I was only allowed to wear dresses on Sundays...and in my teens I don't know if I couldn't find any dresses that fit or what but I owned hardly any dresses. And now I own and wear lots of dresses! And I'll be wearing them all the more now that the weather is heating up!

  5. I have started to wear dresses a lot lately. I love the jersey cotton ones (maxi and not). They feel just like jammies!

  6. Well at least there is no shortage of strawberries around here! Well in June at least. haha


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