Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Baby Tuesday: 22 weeks

I know it's my birthday today, but it's just a birthday.  They aren't too exciting when you pass 21, just sayin'.

SO, it's all about the baby today.  More important and fun anyways.

How far along?:  22 weeks.  Sheesh!  I don't know how this happened so fast.

Baby's gender:  If you didn't know from last week's announcement, it's a girl!  AND, even better, we have given her a name.  It's:  Ellie.  Not short for anything, just Ellie.  

Symptoms:  Nothing too big.  Sleeping is getting more annoying because, well, sleeping on your side all the time can get quite boring.  I think I need to invest in a body pillow or something.  I've also had some nice growing pains AND heartburn.  Very fun.

Food:  Still nothing major.  At least that I can tell.  Although, we did make strawberry pie TWICE last week and we both devoured it, but that was both me and Nick.

Belly/body:  Well, just see for yourself.

It may not be the best view of it, but it's definitely getting bigger and bigger.  The rest of my body is not doing too much.  No swelling or anything else going on.  Hooray!

Baby:  She is pretty dang active.  In church on Sunday she was kicking pretty much the whole time.  It's pretty weird feeling her almost all the time.  Yesterday she was active ALL day.  Seriously.  Anytime I sat down I would feel her kick.  Of course that night she decided to not be active for her daddy.  At least Nick has actually been able to feel her kick before.  It was pretty amazing to watch his face light up when he really felt her kick. 
She's also at least a pound now.  That explains why I'm feeling more pregnant nowadays.

Excitements:  I finally finished our baby registry!  Or as much as I think I could.  There will be more editing later on, but at least all of the major stuff is figured out.  Amazon is a pretty amazing (and overwhelming) place to register.

I also bought Nick a pretty cute birthday gift as a daddy celebration.  Since he likes Star Wars and all.  

It's a pretty ridiculously cute picture book.


  1. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! I hope you guys are doing something fun to celebrate, although I agree, birthdays aren't all that exciting after 21. ;)

    Second of all, I LOVE that book you got for Nick. So cute, I'm sure he loved it, haha. I'm so excited to buy Isaiah little "dad" presents when we have a kid!

  2. Happy birthday!!

    I had no idea you could register on Amazon. My mind is blown.

  3. Happy birthday! That book is too cute!

  4. Happy late birthday! You are quite the cute pregnant person. haha. I have been reading a lot of blogs that people are pregnant, it almost makes me want another one. haha almost


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