Friday, April 12, 2013

A Glimpse into Facebook

This could be a snarky post on why Facebook is ridiculous, silly, annoying, and everything else, but instead I'm going to keep it light and happy.

You will now be entering..
Just kidding. facebook profile picture world.

It's actually quite fun to go back and see all the crazy pictures that once flooded my profile.  That's one thing that makes Facebook fun.

I promise I won't include all 75 of them, yikes, but I will pick at least one from each year.  The best, in my opinion.

First off, we have the year 2007.  First year (besides '06) of college.

Apparently I went through 21 profile pictures then.  21!!! What was wrong with me?  I don't know. Maybe a Facebook craze.  But it all ended with this...a very emo and over-edited one:

Let's move on to 2008.  A year of.. WHAT?!  21 profile pictures again.  I'm actually embarrassed of myself.  But, let's continue.  I'll pick out the best ones.

Right: GET IT?!  A muscle. Yes. I'm very clever and witty.

Ahhh... the look to the left look.  Very good.  Very original.
PS.  The left one is the first time I ever had wavy hair.  I have tried and failed to recreate that look.  Sad.

Now it's time to move onto 2009.  A more sophisticated year with only 14 changes.  YES!  It should also be noted that this is the year Nick and I started dating.  A lot of couple shots.

And, well... the rest is pretty much history.  2010 to now, 2013, was filled with very few changes.  More couple shots, wedding pictures, engagement pictures, you name it.

That last picture was the profile picture for a WHOLE year.  GO ME!

Now, you have experienced my FB and I can finally delete it.

Just kidding...


  1. Haha...I used to have a bajillion emo and over-edited profile pictures myself! Too funny. Must have been a phase we all went through. And you and Nick are just the cutest.

  2. I love this post, such a cool way to look at FB!

  3. What a fun way to look back!

  4. I love this! If you even KNEW my profiled pictures. My goodness. I might have to steal this ;)

  5. heehee--maybe I will have to do something like this! This is too fun!

  6. Haha I think I have maybe 5 Facebook total! Yeah I am pretty boring I think I started my Facebook IN 2009 maybe? Before that I still had Myspace. I guess I am kin dof a social media loser! haha


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