Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Storytime: Tank

When we were still attending school, Nick had a pet turtle: Tank.

I'm here today to share his story with you.

In 2009, Nick decided that he really wanted a pet turtle.  He had one growing up and he thought it'd be a fun pet to have while at school and in his apartment.

I was all for it because, well, turtles are pretty adorable and why not?!

We went to the local pet store together and picked one out (after buying the necessary starter kit from Petsmart).

When you go to the store, these little turtles (Nick got a red-eared slider) are EVERYWHERE inside this huge tank.  I really wish I had a picture to show you all. They're ADORABLE!

Anyways, they are incredibly tiny and cute.  Nick got Tank (great name, right?) and he was so small.

This picture is so cute.
 If I had to guess his size, it'd be only 1-2 inches across.

Over time he got bigger, of course, and he started doing some sunbathing on his big rock.

Well, this sunbathing started becoming quite entrancing because he would go into these crazy poses to, we assume, balance on the rock.

We started calling this his turtle yoga time.

He was such a fun turtle.

When we were moving out of our house in Ellensburg, I was cleaning his tank and it accidentally cracked on that SAME big rock and we just couldn't afford a new tank (do you know how expensive they are?!).  So, we had to get rid of him.  He went to a great family, though, that had other turtles for him to play with.  I'm sure he's well taken care of now.

Moral of this story: even turtles agree that yoga is good for the soul.


  1. Haha!! What a cute little guy!! Makes me want a

  2. What that is crazy! He is too cute. You totally should have jsut taken him out of the tank and let him be free range! Or bathtub?

  3. I love these random stories and I love his yoga!! A turtle is probably the only pet I'd ever be interested in.


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