Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Birthday List

My birthday is next week.  I'm going to be 25.  25!!  How crazy.  I don't feel that old yet.  But you may want to ask me again when I'm holding a baby next year...

I decided to put together a list of gifts you could get me in honor of my birthday.

Just kidding, but I do really want these some day.

SALE, 10% OFF: Leaf and bird lariat in white gold, Bird necklace, leaf necklace, bird pendant

Linen Kitchen Towel with Branches, Natural BrownLinen Kitchen Towel with Spruce Trees, White
 This kitchen towel or even this one.

I wouldn't mind a beautiful rendition of 'Happy Birthday' sung to me by these boys:
Preferably ending in a huge and beautiful chord.

On that note, I'd also like the Les Miserables book by Victor Hugo.

This maternity shirt, but in blue.

These shoes.  I don't own a pair yet and I really want some.  Are they worth $50??

Anything I'm missing??


  1. I love everything you picked out! Can I just copy your birthday list for myself in a couple months? ;)


    I want some Toms, too...everyone I know says they're more than worth the money...we'll see. Haha.

    Is it weird to think that on your next birthday you'll be holding a 7 month old!?

  2. I love that necklace!!! I'm not a Toms girl, though. I don't know, their shape doesn't look good on my feet, I feel.

  3. We all know my stance on Les Mis, but those boys can sing me anything they want anytime they want. I'll leave it at that.

    You need those Toms. Need them. And those towels!

  4. TOMS are worth it. I was really skeptical at first, but I had a Nordy's gift card so I bought my first pair. They are so comfy and wonderful. I have 3 pairs now and am looking for more...

  5. Love the list!! I have a necklace similar to the one you want and really like it! My sweet mother in law got it for me! TOMs are amazing!! And just a hint- if you wear up to ladies size 8 you can get any of the youth sizes that are a big cheaper (at least $10). Just subtract 2 sizes from your regular size to get what youth size you'd wear (Ladies 6 1/2 would be youth 4 1/2 for example) ;-) I love that shirt! so fun!


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