Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Baby Talk

Alright everyone.  It's baby update time!

How far along?:  19 weeks.  Almost halfway there!

Symptoms: Nothing too different.  It's mostly just heartburn occasionally.  I did have quite a few growing pains last week AND I still toss and turn at night.  Sometimes I just crave the ability to sleep on my back, but I'm not supposed to.  I never really slept on my back before, but maybe the fact that I can't do it makes me want it more...

Food: No cravings yet, but if something sounds really good I usually get it/need it within a couple days.  That's not too different from pre-pregnancy though ;) 

Belly/body:  Somehow my belly exploded over the last two weeks.  At least it really feels like it.  I don't know how it happened, but I feel like I'm starting to really look pregnant.  I mean, I bought my first pair of MATERNITY pants yesterday.  PS. THEY ARE SOOOO COMFY!  All pants should be like maternity pants.  I also noticed in the shower yesterday that I can almost not see my feet.  If I stand up really tall I can't.  Want to see what I see?

Okay, you can baarrrrely see my toes.  I may have been leaning a bit...

Baby:  Heard the heartbeat again yesterday at my appointment.  Baby is actually right below my belly button!  Super exciting.  Heartbeat was 156 and I don't know exactly how big baby is, but I've gained about 15 pounds so far and my baby app says he/she is .5 pounds on average.  I think we may know more at our ULTRASOUND!!!!
I'm so excited!!  It's scheduled for next week, so you can all place your bets.  I'll let you know once we know.  WOOHOO!

Excitements: I started baby registry stuff a few weeks ago.  SHEESH!  There is SO much stuff to think about.  Like: shampoo, soap, what KIND of sheets to get for the crib, etc. etc.  It's pretty overwhelming.

You should also know that I've felt many a baby kicks since the first one.  AH! There have actually been a few that have been pretty big ones.  I haven't felt any outside of my belly, but I'm waiting for the day when Nick can finally feel them!

I apologize for the excessive use of caps.  Some things are just TOO exciting!

Like the baby bump!


  1. SO exciting!! I'm super pumped for you to find out what the baby is. I'm going to bet's a boy. Write that down.

    You make me excited to have a baby. ;)

  2. It is so fun reading your updates! I am really excited for you!! LOVE the baby bump!!!

  3. You are SUCH a cute pregnant lady! All of these updates are so exciting...I can't wait for you to find out what you're having!


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