Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thoughts on a Thursday

Yes.  It's one of "those" posts.  The hodge-podge mess of random thoughts/whatever pops into my head.

Just stick with me on this, okay?  Okay.

1.  I have had a very similar dream now four times.  It involves a T-Rex running around trying to destroy everyone.  Each time I've escaped, but each time I've had to run around in stealth mode with my family or friends.  It's pretty intense.

2.  Every time I come into the house when Nick isn't home and I go to the bathroom, I HAVE to check the shower.  Every.  Time.  You never know when a creeper is going to be hiding out in there...

3.  Bloglovin' and I have a love-hate relationship.  I like it because I can organize the blogs I read like I did on Google Reader (I'm OCD like that), but I'm just now noticing that some of the blogs I used to follow didn't convert to BL and if a blog changes addresses, it won't update for me.  Annoying.  I just wish Google wouldn't have been so mean.

4.  I told Nick that we need to start collecting Legos for our future children.  And for us.  I can't wait to play with Legos again.

5.  I would just like to say that buying a new wardrobe because your pregnant is awful.  Well, not completely awful because I get new clothes (yes!), but awful because when you try to wear something that used to look good on you and not longer does.. it sucks.  AND it's also very difficult to try and find maternity clothes that don't cost $234098.  Besides online, which I'm very new at, but TRYING to do.

6.  On that note, I'm going to attempt to shop for clothes online this weekend.  My first time ever.  Wish me luck!

7.  I don't normally get political or over-opinionated on here, but I do want to mention this.  Washington is trying to get a bill passed that will require insurers to cover abortions.  Many people in the senate, including the governor, are in favor of this.  I don't really have a lot to say about this except I really don't approve.

8.  Michelle mentioned this yesterday on her blog, but I want to mention it as well.  I get so tired and disgusted of how much the news talks, picks apart, and disects every little detail about major tragedies.  They milk it for every. single. thing.  Someone else got hurt? Let's talk about it.  A lot.  A new video appears? Let's show it 50 times in a row.  Why not show the people being heroes?  Why not discuss how terrible it was for the first day and then let everyone try and recover from it?

And now, as I step off of my soap box, I would like to leave you all with Ron Swanson's first banana.

PS.  THE ultrasound is TOMORROW!  Expect an announcement very soon...


  1. 1.) I've heard being pregnant can give you some crazy dreams...haha! That's pretty funny. At least you know it's not real when you wake up.

    2.) That's something I've never really felt the impulse to do..maybe I should. I could be one bathroom trip away from being murdered!

    3.) Saaaame here chica. And, I really hate how you can't see WHO is following you. It only tells you how MANY. Grrr.

    4.) YES!!! Legos!!! I always forget about those awesome little things.

    5.) Awwwww. :( I feel bad for you. That's gotta be frustrating. I've heard Old Navy maternity stuff is pretty good, though!!! And probably less expensive than most places. I heard F21 used to have a maternity line but not anymore. Sads.

    6.) GOOD LUCK!!!! :)

    7.) Gag me with a pitchfork. Sick and wrong. I completely disapprove too.

    8.) YES! I AGREE!!!

    Re: Ron Swanson...BAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAH I literally lol'ed at that gif. Hilarious.

    Re: Baby news...EEEEEEEEK! (I'm not normally a squealer but I'm so excited for you to find out!)

  2. I'm stealing that gif. Hope that doesn't rub you the wrong way :) That's my reaction every time I peel a banana.

    There's a post going viral right now about a woman who worked at PP and then had to help with an abortion. It was eye-opening. She wrote a book about it.

    I only buy brands I trust and have worn before online, so there's less chance of a return. Good luck!

  3. Oh I can't wait to find out! Team BOY!! I didn't really have crazy pregnant dreams, but my step son has had almost the same dream as you a couple of times. So weird. Maybe you guys can see into the future and we will all be attacked by a T-Rex that has been frozen and brought back to life.....

  4. When I saw that episode of Parks, I just about died. It was the funniest thing ever! And, I know your t-rex dream is probably very scary, but I am imagining that cute little comical dino chasing you (is he from Toy Story??), and I don't think it would be that bad. :)

  5. Oh my goodness how exciting about the ultrasound! YAY!

  6. Um, thank you for that T-Rex gif. That makes me laugh so hard every single time. I don't even remember the movie, just the T-Rex.

    Good luck with the clothes shopping! I accidentally bought myself a maternity shirt at the maternity store (nope, not pregnant, just wanted a flowy shirt) for $30. It was regularly $50 or something, so even though I think $30 is in my high price range for a shirt there can be good deals out there. The internets will probably be your best friend for that.

  7. What a scary dream!! Hope you had a great weekend.



  8. That is a pretty crazy dream! On a side note: I absolutely adore that movie - that scene cracks me up every time :D
    I've noticed that about BlogLovin' too, and when I switched my blog over to a .com I got a few e-mails from readers asking what happened and why I quit posting.
    Legos are so fun! Except when you step on them in the middle of the night.. Ha ha!


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