Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Well... that was unexpected!

I'm sorry for the weirdly long blogging hiatus.  I really don't hate blogging.  I did have a post scheduled for last Friday actually, but it didn't post so that will come later.  I also meant to blog Monday, but a nasty migraine took it from me and yesterday I just wanted to sleep after work.  So those are my excuses. 

I've just been busy as well. 

Our weekends have been (and are continuing to be) filled with family and various activities.  Plus, we have two wedding weekends back to back.  That calls for very limited free time and blogging doesn't usually go into those free moments.

My belly also keeps expanding and moving.  I saw my first movement from the outside a few weeks ago and now I can't stop noticing it!  Of course, Nick has yet to actually see it because she's stubborn, but someday...  It's pretty weird/cool/creepy all at once.  Especially when you can see her totally move around and your stomach does the wave. 

AND being pregnant/expecting a child requires a lot of stuff.  Besides extra sleep, less energy, and a more clothes in your wardrobe.

For example, deciding on whether or not we want/need to do a birthing class is not so easy.  There is more than one kind of birthing class and deciding if it's worth the money makes it a little difficult.  This is mostly because I am a pretty self-motivated researcher (I researched almost EVERYTHING, including burp cloths, for my registry) and I know I can learn/discuss all the things I will need to before birth.  I'm mostly worried that Nick won't know everything or be prepared, but then I know the HE can do research with me and we can, and will, discuss everything.

The internet is a VERY big space full of information and videos about it all.  So, what is there to be worried about?  Meh, I don't know.

I'm also on the hunt for a good yoga or pilates pregnancy workout.  Talk to me if you know of one!  I need to find something that I can do while pregnant so I don't fall out of shape and, I've also heard that they're really good for relaxing during labor because you can learn different relaxation techniques.  Which is a pretty important thing to know and kind of helps me out with my last dilemma.

Maternity swimsuit shopping will destroy me.  Seriously, not joking.  How hard is it to find a cute maternity swimsuit that WON'T make your bank account cry?  Well, okay, it's not hard to find one, but it IS hard to find one that looks cute on you.  

Ruched Maternity Tankini Swimsuit
Either one of these from A Pea in the Pod would be awesome.  Just make it not $75+ for each.
Twist Neck Detail Maternity One Piece Swimsuit

Well, I leave you with a feeling that I'm not super stressed out.   Okay, I am a little, but it comes and goes and I'm too tired and pregnant to care too much. 

Did I also mention that we're moving out in two months?  Oh yeah.  I have to start packing slowly because I can only do so much with a belly and the order to not lift big things while pregnant.


  1. You have my sympathy on all those woes. I understand some of them. As for the swimsuit, I like the first one, but dang. I buy my suits at Old Navy in the fall for $8 lol.

  2. That first one is super cute, but I do think it would be hard to spend that much on something you may not use after this season (unless of course you swim indoors and you plan on getting pregnant like 15 more times. Then I could totally justify $75)

  3. Man, that kind of swimsuit shopping doesn't sound fun. Even normal swimsuits seem excessively expensive. I've bought all of two in my adult life so far and I don't particularly want to ever have to buy any again.
    I know when we have a baby Angel will be crazy about researching absolutely everything. He already has a good start on general medical knowledge so he'll just have to make his education a little more specific.

  4. Yeah I definitely never bought a swim suit while pregnant. I also did not work out! haha. So where are you guys moving?


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