Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hello Friday!

Dear weekend,  I am so excited that you are here.  I've been waiting for you for weeks!  I'm stoked to see my best friend who's flying in from Japan on a business trip.  I haven't seen her since my wedding!

Dear Seattle,  please be nice to us.  Try not to rain too hard, thanks.

Dear Cloud Atlas,  I'm going to see you tomorrow.  You better be good! 

Dear Walking Dead and Parks and Rec,  you have become my newest addictions.  My husband thinks it's silly getting into all these TV shows, but I know you're awesome.

Dear new freezer,  you are awesome.  Now I'm going to make a million things to fill you up with.  You have been warned.

Dear Wicked,  ONE WEEK!  One week until I see you!  YES!

Dear head,  you must stop getting headaches.  Seriously, they are not fun.

Dear Sherman Alexie,  we saw you speak on Monday and it was incredibly cool.  You are an amazing writer (and comedian).



  1. I'm excited for the weekend too, yay! Have a good one lady!

  2. WICKED!!! you will LOVE it. LOVE it. the first time I saw it I cried like a baby. In a good way. Then I was in London and we saw a sign for Wicked and had a crazy spur of the moment idea and we went & saw it there. EVERY TIME it is BRILLIANT!

  3. I LOVE Parks and Rec. I just wish it was on a little earlier. I feel so old saying that.

  4. sounds awesome. what are you doing in seattle? and downtown or what? are you close to seattle? hope its been good.


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