Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The fun thing about having a best friend who lives in Japan is that you get to receive really, and I mean really, random, silly, yet cute, gifts.

Check this out.

Aren't these awesome?!

They're blow-up paper penguins.

You blow them up from a hole near their feet (yeah it's a little risque) and viola!  You have cute little paper penguins!

I have decided that they are to be the start of our winter decorations.  Hey, it's already snowing on the east side of the state!

Previous Japanese presents have included: a sushi car freshener (because I dislike sushi and no it didn't smell like sushi), a good luck waving cat, singing cards (even written in Japanese), and many more that I know I'm forgetting.

What are your silly gifts?!


  1. That is so neat that she sends you those things! The penguins are too cute :)

  2. Lol those are adorable! And I love your STICKS!! ;-D

  3. Oh my gosh those are too darn cute!


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