Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Ok Thursday:

It's Ok...

...that I watched three episodes of Walking Dead last night.  One thing, I'm glad certain people have died, but I wish others would be by now.  That's how these shows work though, right?  Feed off of your emotions and what you THINK you want.  I'm almost caught up to the current episode! find hilarious old pictures of your husband and post them on Facebook.  He even said it was ok.

...that this Sufjan Stevens album is awesome.  Listen to it on Grooveshark for free if you like hipster music AND Christmas music.  It'll bring you good tidings of flannels and beards. be super behind on getting my haircut.  I haven't had it cut in MONTHS.  That's bad.  Good news: I'm going tonight!  Hooray for getting bangs back!

...that we don't have a Christmas tree up yet.  Soon...very soon.

...that we also don't have a way to hang up stockings (no fireplace), so I'm forced to be extra creative.

...that the other night my husband and I stayed up 'til 2 am watching Parks and Rec.  We may have watched about 6 episodes in a row.  I don't know why or how we did that, but it happened.  


...that I spend extra to buy jeans from American Eagle because they are one of the few jeans that actually FIT my body.  Plus, you can get any size in long and my legs are too long for regular jeans. have a fighting match with your sewing machine.  I will be able to sew.  I will be able to sew.  Please?!

...that I just found out that I'll be working mostly 12 hour days come January.  Mo' money yo... but less sleep.

...that I'm just NOW working on Christmas cards.  That's ok, right? have way too many Christmas decoration ideas.  I just need to pick one and do it!

What's okay with you?
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  1. I'm pretty sure we could be fabulous friends with just a few of the things you said. I really want to get into Parks & Rec. American Eagle has the only jeans that fit me too. It's like my butt is too big for most jeans and then I'm tall, so all jeans are short. Oh dear. We are the same right there. I haven't started my Christmas cards yet. I better get on that! Okay. I'm done. Sorry. Love this. Haha!

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  2. bahaha love your comment about Walking Dead. I felt the same way. Like aw, I'm kind of an awful person for thinking this...but boy am I glad the writers killed you off lol

  3. I spend extra on Silver jeans because they're one of the only ones that fit me...!

    DEF. looking up that SS Christmas album...

    And we haven't even taken a PICTURE for our Christmas cards yet...this weekend. I swear. Haha.

  4. haha! Girrrrl how can you wait so long to catch up to The Walking Dead?! haha Next weeks episode is that last one (mid season finale? dumb.) But, it looks way intense!

  5. Oh! Also, Sufjan has a new Christmas album out...its like an extension of that one...but it just came out a couple weeks ago. Check it out on spotify (i didn't see it on grooveshark when i checked last) its free! its a bit different, but still good :-)

  6. LOVE Parks & Rec! One of my favorite shows! I haven't done my Christmas cards either...I need to get on that! You are not alone!

  7. Im excited to check out the SS album! Thanks for the tip! Also, its more wasteful (I think) to buy pants that you don't love because they're cheaper. I mean, you will wear ones that look great on you several times. For reals. I mean I have cheap jeans in my closet that I never touch.


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