Monday, November 12, 2012

Wicked + fabric decor!

First things first.  Wicked.

It blew my mind.  It was so much better than what I thought it was going to be!  The set design and changes were amazing and the singing was phenomenal. 

 I may have snuck a picture before it started.  Sshhh!

I forgot how much I love musicals and how fantastic they are!  I even warned Nick to expect more trips to come.  He's dreading it so excited!

Continuing on!


We've been living at our place for about 8 months now and we still have empty walls.  It is seriously difficult to find cheap, but still cute decorations to put on big wall spaces.

Our bedroom has been the one room to be pretty neglected and it's sad!
I searched Pinterest for a long time before finally coming up with an idea for the space above our bed. 

I tweaked a project I found and made it into my own.

I like it.  I was a little on edge at first, but it really does look good and if you work it right, it can be a super inexpensive decoration idea.

Want to know how to make it?  It's pretty simple!

Here's whatcha need:

-- Staple gun (with staples, of course)
-- 3 foam boards (you can buy them at Michael's or any other craft store)
-- Fabric (I got two different kinds to match our bedroom.  You'll have to get enough depending on the size of your foam board)
-- Scissors
--  Yard stick or ruler (to help measure and cut your fabric)

Measure out your fabric to fit your foam boards.  I made it so there was an extra foot on each measurement (a foot for width and a foot for height).

When you've got that all cut out and measured go ahead and get your first board ready.

Put the fabric flat on the ground and center the foam board on top of it. 

I started by stapling the top and bottom first.  After you staple one side, for example: the top, and your going on to the bottom, make sure that you are pulling the fabric nice and tight as you go.  If you don't then you are likely to get some nice big air bubbles or wrinkles in your craft.  Not too flattering!

You can staple as far apart as you think you need it to be.  It's a judgement call.  Mine are only a couple inches away from each other.  I was pretty paranoid that it was going to pop off, that's why.

Once that is done, move on the sides of the board.  Staple the corners like you would fold a present. 

The back doesn't need to look perfect because, well, it's the back!  
Mine definitely isn't the prettiest.

 Do the same thing for all three boards, making sure to pull nice and tight around all the sides of the board.

That's it!

I've seen some people stencil things onto fabric, but I couldn't find any nice stencils around here, so I used some of my many alphabet stencils instead.  My husband would like to mention that he is the one who thought of the curving dream (it's nice to have a second opinion on things).

 If you make it, let me know how you did and if you changed anything!


  1. I love wicked! We saw it last may for our anniversary!

  2. Great job on the fabric boards!! I like the fabrics you chose, too. Very "you" :D I agree though - big pieces of artwork are so ridiculously expensive!! I found a huge black and white photograph I (we) want for our living room...the price tag? $1800. RIDICULOUS!


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