Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's a hodge podge

I'm going to be a bit random today.  I'm tired and it's been a busy week.  I apologize if that completely bums you up.  Ha, know where that's from?  The actual line is "this really bums me up".  I'll give you a hint below.  


--Remember how I whined about my planner problems?  Well, I have been researching and researching all week.  It's been pretty silly according to my husband.  I found quite a few that ALMOST fit the bill, but didn't have enough extra blank pages for budget things, blog post ideas, to do lists, etc etc.  And the ones that I did find cost about $50+.  I don't want to pay that much for something that I just may not use 24/7.  Although I'd really like to use it all the time..

I thought about printing my own planner pages (creating my own or buying one off of Etsy) and then binding them myself somewhere, but that requires more free time and patience than what I have right now.  So I searched all the office supply stores around here, including Wal-mart and Barnes & Noble and I finally decided to pick one up from Fred Meyer for... yes.  $10.  Ahhh, good 'ol Freddy's.

It may not be my ideal planner, but it's refillable which is incredibly nice because I can just keep reusing it forever (or until they stop making the refills).  And it's big enough to hold enough papers and goodies inside.  Problem(s) solved.

--I still haven't completely unpacked our Christmas presents.  They're sitting in a box on the dining room floor.  My excuse?  Well, it's all those little things, especially stocking stuffers.  I'll get to it someday.

--I also still haven't shared our Christmas gifts with you all.  I'll try to get to it.  Although if I don't, don't hate me.

--I love being a nanny because of the funny moments that come with it.  I took J (she's 4) to visit our friend who just had a baby.  She was breastfeeding and J was watching intently.  She then came to a conclusion in her little head and said "So he's like a vampire!  He sucks your blood!"   Ah, I still laugh.  Of course we corrected her, but she didn't really believe us at first.

--I have caught up on all of my Netflix TV shows and I think I need another one.  Or maybe I need to re-watch some.  I re-watched the Office last year, but maybe I'll do Family Guy or get into Downtown Abbey.  Any suggestions?

--I finally organized my pantry!  Yes-sir-ee.  It is wonderful.  Thanks to dollar store bins that all look alike and are the same size :)  It may not be the picture-perfect organizing goddess's pantry, but I work with what I got in my house and in my wallet.  Next on my list: our hiking/backpacking closet.  Yikes..

 Left: pantry    Right: an incredibly, but somewhat organized, messy closet


  1. Cute planner!!! I'm glad you found one. I kind of gave up. I think I need more of like a ledger-type of's mostly for keeping track of Etsy stuff. I dunno. We'll see.

    DEFINITELY watch Downton Abbey! I guess some people get REALLY into it right away, it took me a couple episodes, honestly, but I just finished season 1 (there's only 7 episodes) and now I'm seriously upset that Netflix hasn't gotten Season 2 yet. But definitely watch it. I LOVE it now.

    Your pantry looks awesome!!! Wanna come do mine? It is SUCH a hot mess right now...

  2. Good work on the pantry! I need to get in our garage and get it done before I tackle anything else

  3. I laughed so hard about the baby vampire--kids are hilarious, especially around that age! My youngest sister is 6 and I can't get enough of laughing at her! And that planning is cute!


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