Thursday, January 3, 2013


First off, I hope you like the new look.  I liked my old layout, but the header was too big and I wanted a more subtle look.  I'm sorry if you were on it the past couple days and weird things kept changing/happening.  I may have flip-flopped between two columns and one.  Let me know if something looks/acts weird or funky.
It's the new year.  Wait, you didn't know that? Well, yeah.  Everyone keeps mentioning it so I thought I should mention it at least once more, in case you forgot.

Bloggers are all talking about the new year, new goals, new blog posts, new planners, etc.  Me?  Well, I have goals, who doesn't right?  They are pretty consistent year-round.  You know.. work out more, be more spontaneous, read more, save more, blog more, be more organized, etc etc.  I think I'm always going to want the same goals, whether it's new years or not.

One goal I have, though, that I MUST share, is to get myself a planner that works for me.

I've seen such cute planners.  Erin Condren planners?  Well, that'd be nice, but $50?!  Ugh.  Why must you cost so much?

I do have a planner.  I even made myself a personalized one with a mini binder I found at Goodwill, but...

I'm having such a hard time getting myself to use, utilize, and remember my planner.  I'm trapped in this world of "oh yeah, there's my planner.  Let me write something in it and update it.  What? I haven't used it in two weeks?  Well, I better remember next time..."

I then went through this phase of using my Google calendar on my iPod touch.  The problem, though, is that I don't use my iPod all the time and I'm not about to get an iPhone because (1) I don't have the money to afford a nice phone AND a data plan.  Why can't I have an iPhone without a data plan?!  and (2) I don't NEED an iPhone just to take better quality pictures with Instagram and to access my calendar whenever I need to text someone. 
Am I right?!     via

Although, it would make my problem easier...

So now I'm stuck.  Do I stick with technology, even though I don't always have a charged iPod with me, or do I go back to a nice paper notebook planner and just try to drill it into my skull? 

What do you do as a planner?  Do you even use one?  I could seriously use some guidance from some professionals.


  1. I want to get a planner, too! Only not JUST a planner...more just like a notebook where I can write stuff down. Blog ideas, a cleaning schedule for my house, income/expenses for my Etsy shop, and so on and so forth. It just seems like all the popular planners are ones that I think are...apologies...hideous. So I'm searching Etsy for something better. I'll let you know if I find something amazing. ;)

  2. Your new layout is super cute! I am a paper planner person. I haven't ever found anything that I love, I usually just use a calendar. But then I have to use several depending on what I am using it for (school, school activities, personal, meals etc.) I really should find something. Sounds like you are doing some research. Let me know what you find :)

  3. I use a planner, but I am also bad about keeping it updated. My mum uses hers daily--she has a huge, notebook-like one and it has every detail of her life in it. I wish I were more organised like her, but I figure if I can little by little train myself to use the planner more, I will probably get better. It helps that my new job has a constantly shifting schedule, so I need to write my hours and work days down, which encourages me to write other important things (like hanging out with people so I don't double-book anymore!). It's sad that I hang out with people so little, but when I do I often double-book! Gah. Speaking of planners, I need to go buy a new one... My planner is officially over today!

  4. I actually use both believe it or not. I try to keep them both as up to date as possible. I tend to lean on my google calendar more so than my Erin Condren planner but usually they are both the same.

  5. I wish I could help you out with the planner stuff....but I am as bad as the next at remembering I have one.

    Also, I like the new layout!

  6. I use a paper planner...maybe not consistently every day, but I keep it around all the time. I also don't think I could ever justify the cost of a smart phone PLUS those insanely expensive data plans every month. I like the writing down method.

  7. i really love the new look! i have an iPhone but don't use the calendar. i prefer writing it down...i feel like i remember it better than way!


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