Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's the New Year, what?!

Each New Year's Eve is so crazy.  Not crazy as in whatdididolastnight, but the fact that it's another year down in our lives. 

This year we rang in the New Year in Seattle.  We've been under the space needle before, but this time we wanted to actually be able to see the whole thing.  Last time we went you were in the middle of the fireworks and didn't get to see the whole fireworks display from afar. 

We went to Kerry Park - if you don't know, we are very fond of this park.  Hint: It's where we got engaged.

It was fun to be in a huge crowd, watching the space needle, and talking to complete strangers.  Although, I admit, I do enjoy my nice simple New Years evenings.  I'm not that much of a huge crowd person, but occasionally it can prove to be quite fun.

Now, I must make a typical New Years post, right?  Well, I'm not too big on resolutions because, honestly, I have the same goals all year round, but I do enjoy a little recap of the year.

Meg did this great 2012 recap and layout that I really like and so I am going to steal borrow it.  She originally stole it from Fran, so I'm not the only thief ;)

+ We moved into an awesome house in the country.

+ We celebrated 6 months and 1 year of married wonderfulness.

+ We did some serious budgeting with money envelopes.

+ We bought a new car and a car rack - love our bear!

+ We got new jobs after new jobs and I think we finally have found great jobs for us in this area.  I hate job hunting and waiting to find the right job.  It means dealing with jobs you DON'T want to be in.

+ We saw a few awesome concerts, including the Punch Brothers.

+ I was able to see an amazing musical, Wicked!

+ We ran two different 5Ks, trained, and signed up for a half-marathon.

+ We backpacked around Ross Lake.

+ We kayaked many times - although not enough.

+ We took a family vacation to the middleofnowhere, Montana.

+ Nick climbed Mt. Baker - his first major peak, and it will not be his last.  He's even climbing the next ridge over as we speak. 

+ We did a week long fruit and vegetable fast.  Or at least we tried to do it and made it about 6 days.

+ I had my one year blogiversary and FIRST ever giveaway.  That's still crazy to me.

Happy New Year everybody! 2013.  What?!


  1. I found that your post is very impressive. Thanks or sharing such an impressive post on New Year's Seattle 2013. Happy New Year 2013 from me and your family.

  2. Oh, Seattle...years upon years living there and I never did brave New Years at the Needle. My bed always won out over traffic, crowds and rain. ;)

  3. Great post, great 2012. :) happy new year! And thanks for the shout out

  4. Congrats on a FABULOUS year and I hope this new year is just as wonderful!


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