Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Montana vacation

Sorry for the long wait, but it's been a busy week getting back into the swing of things.  On top of that, our neighbors (who we were sharing internet with) moved out last week and you all know how much fun internet companies can be.  Anyways, pretty much we were supposed to receive a call about installing internet, but I ended up having to call and make the appointment.  Very annoying.  This week has involved working again and stealing internet from wherever we can get wi-fi.  Come Friday you will have regular posts again!

Now, onto the vacation!

We left super early on Saturday, jammed into a bunch of cars (there were 19 of us), and drove off into the Montana wilderness.

My grandparents know a couple that owns a 200+ acre ranch in NW Montana and we were able to stay there for a week!

We had 3 cabins + a barn, our own private lake, kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, and lots of fun.

It's so nice to unplug for a whole week and enjoy each others company.  
My dad, step-mom, Nick and I had the pleasure of sleeping in this cabin all week!  It's even solar-powered! 

The other cabins are a little older, but very nice and cozy.  I would definitely build a log cabin for a summer home if I had the money.

Basically, our week was spent:

Kayaking/Canoeing/Paddle Boating


Competing in a water balloon launching contest
The target! (don't worry, she wasn't behind the target during the competition)

Making/racing wooden boats

Photo scavenger hunting
Nick and I were in charge of a scavenger hunt.  We decided to make a list of things to find and each group had to take a picture of it WITH a stuffed monkey in it.  It was actually really fun and looking at the pictures afterwards was really fun.

Competing in family olympics


and lots and lots of reading, game playing, and just relaxin'.

I love vacations that involve just relaxing with each other.  Definitely a stress reliever.

Our last day was spent at Silverwood theme park in Idaho.  It is an awesome park.  Half water park and half amusement park.  Most of us spent the morning at the water park.  It was beautiful, hot, muggy, and not too crazy packed (yet).

We were just about to head out and explore the roller coasters when a crazy thunderstorm took over.  It was crazy.  They closed both parks and most people left to go home.  We, however, stuck it out!  It was insane, though.  It rained HARD for about a solid hour and a half.  In that rain there was about a 20 minute window of very strong winds.  Umbrellas were flying off of tables, garbage cans flew over, lounge chairs flew into the wave pool, etc.  

Waiting out the storm!

It was extremely fun though!  Being in the middle (there was lightning above us) of a thunderstorm is so exciting!

After about 2-3 hours of storm, we had beautiful weather.  It went back to being hot and sunny.  It was perfect because most of the crowd had already left!  Short lines = even better amusement park time.

I'm glad to be back into real-life mode, but I wouldn't mind another vacation soon!  


  1. These are great pictures! Looks like lots of fun ;)

  2. OMG this looks like you had a amazing time! I wish I had access to something like this!


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