Friday, July 20, 2012

Guest Post: Malo from Life Feels Good in Portbail Beach

Today my guest is Malo from Life Feels Good in Portbail Beach.  She is pretty awesome.  Just sayin'. 
She lives in France, is a teacher, and is getting married soon!
I've been following her since the beginning of my blogging "career" and she is a pretty sweet lady.
You'll have fun getting to know her and I hope you go show her some commenting love!  She definitely deserves it.


Hey Alison's readers, I'm Malo @ Life feels good in Portbail Beach. First, let me thank Alison for having me here. Thank you, girl! I've been a reader of her blog for a long time and was so pleased when she asked me to write a guest post! I hope she and Nick are having great holidays.

My name is Malorie but everyone calls me Malo. I'm French and live in Portbail, a small port situated in Normandy, France. I live next to Cherbourg, known for being an arsenal and one of Titanic's ports of call, and we even have a permanent exhibition about the Titanic in town. I'm also not very far from the landing beaches so you can see a lot of Star-Spangled Banners here. I live in a small house by the beach with my fiancé Ludo and our cat Garfield. We love being here, this is so beautiful and peaceful.

I teach English in a small rural secondary school and I love my job. I recently wrote a post about the reasons why I love teaching. You can read it here. Obviously that's not easy everyday but I can't see myself doing anything else!

I have three big addictions: I drink many cappuccinos a day, I would love to meet British Royals and I'm obsessed with TV series. I can easily be addicted to a TV show. A few weeks ago, I was completely obsessed with The Walking Dead, Downton Abbey and Mad Men, which resulted in me dreaming of zombies in my garden, talking with a Lady Mary's accent and wishing I could be friends with Joan. Silly I know. Buy me any TV series and I'm the happiest girl!

Let's keep the best for the end... I'm getting married next year! Ludo and I have been together for three years and a half and he proposed last February! I'm so proud to become his Mrs and we can't wait for the big day to come. I also plan to write a series of posts about the wedding planning so stay tuned!

Come visit Life feels good in Portbail Beach and say hi!! You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram.


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