Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Friday, Friday...

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 It's Friday!  Woot, woot!
 Ok, I don't usually say "woot, woot" in real life.

I'm stoked for this Friday because it means that tomorrow we are heading out for a week long family vacation to Montana!

Why am I "stoked" to go to Montana you ask?

Well, my grandparents have a friend who owns a ranch up in the NW region and we're renting it out for the week!  We have 4 cabins on 200+ acres of forest with a 20 acre lake (and river that leads into the lake) and lots of toys to play with (kayaks, canoes, bikes, frisbee golf course).

My husband and I are very excited because we will have to unplug and enjoy nature!

*insert: "Nature it's all over me" scene from Madagascar*

We're going with my dad's side of the family (about 18 people) and spending Saturday-Friday at the ranch and then spending the entire Friday at Silverwood!

While I know you will all miss me terribly (right?!)...

I decided to have a lot of goodies planned for you to ease your pain!

I have some pretty wonderful guest posters coming in each day of next week AND I'm guest posting one day as well over at another pretty fabulous blog.

Be sure to stay tuned and show all of my guesters (yup, I just made that word up) some warm welcomes.

I'll fill you in on our awesome vacation when I get back.  Until then, don't forget...


  1. haha i LOVE that episode of Family Guy :) Have a great trip, lady!


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