Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Fine. No, It's Ok.

First off, WOW!  That blog hop was insanely successful!  If you're reading this because of that blog hop then welcome!  Go check out my "about me" page and let me know you're here!

Secondly, I think I'm going to link up for an "It's Ok Thursday" deal-io.

It's Ok...

...that my blog gained 40+ readers because of Blog-Working Wednesdays! (you can still link up!)

...that since my blog gained a million new readers I'm thinking about doing a giveaway once I reach 100 followers.  What do you think?  I'm still thinking about it and thinking about the giveaway gift.

...that I have so much to get done before we leave for vacation on Saturday.  The entire house is a mess AND we haven't even packed.  I still have two whole days.  Or, well, one and a half.  I can do this!

...that my husband is currently planning his Mt. Baker mountain climbing trip.  This will be his 3rd trip climbing a major mountain.  He's climbed Mt. Adams (in Washington) twice, but that mountain isn't technically challenging.  This time he is climbing Mt. Baker (also in Washington).  This climb is more technical because they have to rope up and cross crevasses and such.  I was nervous the first time, but this time I'm even more nervous.  Why did I marry a mountain climber again? have a sense of urgency when the sun comes out here in the PNW.  I think I'm over it now because it's been so nice the past 2 weeks, but when it does come out and it's crazy nice, everyone is in a hurry to do as much outdoor stuff as possible!  Pretty silly. 

Source: Google
...that I am currently discovering Steve Martin's many talents.  I've read one of his books so far, very good, listened to him play some mean banjo, watched his best of SNL skits 2 or 3 times, and watched some of his movies (did you know he wrote Roxanne and The Jerk?).  He's pretty awesome.

...that I enjoy relistening to the same album over and over again.  

It was a really nice night, although you can't tell from us wearing coats. be a little sunburned from enjoying the nice weather a little too much.

...that making melted crayon art is crazy fun!

...that I have a serious question for you. 

What do you think about me changing my blog's name?  

I've been thinking about it over the past few weeks and my husband thinks it's a good idea.  If I did change it, it would be called "Just Sayin'".  The reason for that being that that saying is pretty widely used in both of our families.  Nick's family thinks it is funny saying, come on, it is right?!  You can say it after anything.  Just sayin'.  
Ha, anyways.  I would LOVE your feedback.  I wouldn't be changing my blog address or anything, just the name.  That way our last name isn't in everyone's faces.  Kind of creepy, right?


  1. I just want to say hi! I'm here from the blog hop, fellow cohost! I love your blog's design, blue and green are my favorite colors :) I'm so surprised how many followers I gained as well! Looking forward to reading more of your posts! (PS I love your wedding dress)

  2. ooo, I like "Just sayin'" ha - I say that all the time! and it'd be pretty perfect for your blog. I think Life of Two Sokools is a clever play on your name but not everybody gets that I guess. "Just Sayin" just seems like a good fit!

  3. Here from the blog hop... and so glad I found ya! I've seen that melted crayon art all over Pinterest and I love it. Every time I see it, I wonder if it actually works. Good to see a ::real:: person who made it work! I may have to try that out soon...

  4. I'm so glad that all the cohosts got a lot of followers from the blog hop and that it was insanely successful! Loved having you! You are so sweet!


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