Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Guest Post: Lauren from The Merry Mrs. Mobely

The lovely Lauren from The Merry Mrs. Mobley is blogging today!  She is adorable and you will fall in love with her and her cute family, especially her dog Daisy.
Make sure to hop on over to her blog and follow her as soon as you show her some love on this blog! 


Hello readers of Life of Two Sokools, my name is Lauren and I blog over at the merry mrs. mobley!
No matter where you are these days, Mother Nature is rearing her nasty head and showing us what she is all about by throwing hundred degree temps at us. Here in North Cackalacki not only are we getting the heat, but we're getting the humidity too. I cannot express how grateful I am for ceiling fans and AC on these days:-) Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite ways to beat the heat. . .

Hit the pool, beach, sprinkler! 

We are fortunate enough to live four hours from the beach, four minutes from the pool, and four seconds from the sprinkler. These sources of water are a great help when I am in need of a quick cool-down. You can even be a redneck like us and wait 'til your yard's irrigation system comes on to cool off. No sprinkler set-up there;-)

Watch the Olympics

 As a former swimmer, I absolutely adore the Summer Olympics. What better excuse to stay in and watch them than these ridiculous temps? We are a few short weeks away from weeks of entertainment. Who are you rooting for?? As NC State grads we'll be cheering on Cullen Jones from our couches!


 Whether they are virgin or not, it's hard to deny the thirst quenching ability of a good iced drink. I'm a big fan of the Strawberry Daiquiri, or anything fruity really!


This teacher loves to hit the library on those blazing days and get a few good books. Our library allows drinks, so you can often find me curled up in a corner with an iced latte and a good book. Books aren't really your thing? Grab a magazine!


You often hear people complain about how cold movie theaters are. This is not the case come summertime! Don't have a lot of money to spend? Go during the day! Our local theater has tickets for $5 Sunday-Thursday during the day.

Come on over to my little corner of the blog world and let me know your favorite ways to stay cool this summer!


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  1. All wonderful suggestions....except she left out the standard "fro-yo" !! :)


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