Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Stuff + High Five for Friday

Did you notice?

If you did, high-five for you!  If not, look really hard. 

Did you find it?

Yup, we changed our name! 

I was getting a little tired of a "typical" blog name.  I also didn't like to have our last name out for the world to see (well, it wasn't really our last name, but it was close enough.  Plus, most people don't really get the play on our last name).

Anyways, we changed it.  My husband and I really like it.  I hope you do too!
BTW, you can blame my husband on the new tagline.  Very clever.  Not me, him.  Ha!

I didn't change layouts because (1) I'm a little lazy & busy right now and (2) I don't have any layout changing inspirations.  Sorry!

I changed blog buttons as well, but if you grabbed one you shouldn't have to change it because I just uploaded the picture with the same name.  Easy for you and easy for me :)

PS.  Does anyone know how to get your blog name to change in Google Reader?

Now, onto the fun stuff!



High Five for Friday!  Just a little recap of the past week. 

1.  I got to hang out with some pretty awesome girls at the beach this week.  Pretty cool that this is my job!

2. We came back from vacation to a clean house, jobs, and beautiful weather.  Thank you!

3.  I successfully made this awesome blueberry lemon loaf.  So good!  It's very lemony, but I love lemons!

4.  We went to see Madagascar 3 finally.  I took the girls with me and it was great.  Very cute and it was almost as funny as the first and second one.  I love those movies!

5.  My husband and his friends are taking over our living room with all of their mountaineering gear.  I'm so glad he's climbing a mountain with such great people.  I'm also glad I cleaned the house today (even if it doesn't look like I did right now)


  1. Love the blueberry lemon loaf! One of the very first things I made from Pinterest.
    Love the new name too!

  2. Love the blueberry lemon loaf! One of the very first things I made from Pinterest.
    Love the new name too!

  3. Like the new name! I am always thinking about the same thing, changing my blog name but then I can never come up with something lol.

  4. I saw that you liked lemons. I made a post about those. You might want to check this out: :)

    Mountain climbing is a dream of my boyfriend as well. I personally don't like camping too much. But I'll climb a mountain for him when we're not busy anymore. Lol.

    I added you via GFC. I hope you can join my link up! It's on Tuesdays: :)



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