Sunday, February 26, 2012

Apples and Bananas

Nick and I have decided to do a week-long fruit and vegetable fast/diet.  That's where you eat only fruits and veggies.  No breads, nuts, meat, dairy, cheese, etc.  I'll just admit it, I'm really nervous.  Why?  Well, my motivational skills lack quite a bit and I enjoy eating my crackers and sandwiches. I know I'm just making excuses and my husband has so much faith in me.  He's probably right and I'm just being a girl who's just over-analyzing things. I tend to do this a lot.

I had a minor stress overload, but you know what I realized (with the help of my wonderful hubby)?  I'm doing this for my body and for God.  This is for Lent and I'm giving up my wants for Him.   So, giving up most foods for just a week?  Pssh, I got this.

So now I just need to kick my butt and keep these motivational quotes close by.

Have you ever done anything like this?  If you have any great recipe ideas (or maybe some advice) send them my way.  I could probably use it.

PS.  I may take this week to do a little diary of our adventure.  I'll post recipes (and probably a few rants) for you guys.   Wish us luck!


  1. good luck! i can't imagine doing that! but i have pretty bad will power :) can't wait to see some recipes though!

  2. good is a great way to practice self control..and reap all the benefits that flow from that can do it! the mind gives up way before the body.


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