Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Punch Brothers

I blame my husband for this, but I LOVE the Punch Brothers.  Do you know them?  They are a bluegrass/folk band and they are amazing.  They are musicians who like what they do and do an INCREDIBLY good job at it!

Anyways, we just got their newest album Who's Feeling Young Now.

It is super-crazy-and-wonderfully-fantastic.  I think I have listened to this song about 20 times since we got the CD on Friday.

Isn't it great?

Anyways, I had to share that with you.  I love this band and I hope you will take a moment to check out some of their other albums.  Chris Thile (the mandolin player) is my husband's idol (he also plays mandolin) and has quite a few albums, including 5 solos, 5 collaborations, and some with Nickel Creek (also a great band).

Check them out.  They rock.  We're going to see them in Seattle on March 6th.  I'm super stoked!

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  1. Thanks for writing this post! My husband LOVES bluegrass and folk music. I've already asking him he knows about them...but I'm pretty sure it's a name I've never heard him mention before.

    Also, have you read my posts about our January & February dates? I gave him 12 dates for Christmas. Our March date is supposed to be a concert, but I can't FIND ONE that he'd be interested in + on a Friday or Saturday + nearby. So frustrating! This is one to check out, for sure! Perfect timing, dear!


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