Friday, February 3, 2012

FVC Day 5: My Girlfriends

It's Friday!!  Woohoo!!!  I'm so excited that it's Friday.  I am also excited because tomorrow the hubby and I are going to go on a thrift store hunting date.  I'm so glad he enjoys going to them. 

Oh, one more thing before I get onto the challenge.  I made my first cross stitch yesterday!!  I'm so excited.   It was really fun to try and I think I'm going to do some more. 

Yeah, it's a spider and I hate spiders, BUT it was an easy pattern and that's what I started with.  My grandma said that I could maybe stitch a flower and have him hanging down from a flower.  Hmm...we'll see.  I'm now on the hunt for cute and modern cross stitch patterns.  If you see any, let me know!

Now, onto....


I am lucky to have some awesome girlfriends.  Let me introduce you to just a few of the crazy ladies that chose to be my friend.

 This is Holly.  We were roommates my first year of college and I am so glad that we were.  She is so much fun to be around and she is such a crafty person!  I can't wait for her to be a mama soon!

 This is Emi.  She is the cutest Asian you will ever meet!  I met her in college and we ended up being roommates for two years.  She is so much fun and I can't believe that she is now living in Japan.

 This is Christin.  We have been friends since middle school math class.   She is a crazy, fun, sweet, god-loving woman.  I can't believe that I've known her this long and that we're still great friends.  

I have more great girlfriends that aren't listed above.  How can I post everybody?!   Enjoy a few more pictures of some of my awesome friends and I hope you link up with some of your friends!

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  1. Love the cross stitch! I cross stitch & needlepoint... you might really like the designs from lizzie kate ( ) they have really cute things I think.

    You might also check out it's a needlepoint/cross-stitch shop in west texas, but they ship nationwide & have good prices!

    Can't wait to see what the spider turns into!


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