Monday, January 28, 2013

Was it really a weekend?

I have been miserably sick all weekend. 

It's just a cold, but a seriously awful one.  I can't do anything except melt onto the couch or my bed.  It's awful because I sit on the couch watching the dust fall and making my house messy.  Not to mention the dishes pile up because I don't want to clean up yet.  Such a sad thing to watch.

Luckily, I have had Downton to keep me feeling better and support my extreme laziness.
The Dowager knows exactly how I felt this weekend.  I don't think it actually happened.

That, and quite a few other shows on my Hulu queue that I needed to catch up with.  

I also have a beautiful new cowl to keep me warm thanks to the wonderful and talented AngiGo to her shop and buy one.  Seriously, it's so warm and cozy!

See?  Very cute.  Just ignore my wide-eyed face.

I am feeling a little better today.  Still have some infected sinuses and runny nostrils and coughs, but I think I'll be quite a bit better.  Especially if I can get some decent sleep.  Why is it SO hard to get sleep when you're so sick?  It's all I want to do, but it takes so long for me to get to sleep because I have to keep blowing my nose!

I'm very grateful that we got our juicer before I got sick, though.  I think it's what will keep me alive during and after this.

Yesterday alone I drank two cups of pure orange juice.  Of course mixed with other veggies to be even healthier.

For one glass all you need is two large oranges, a couple of carrots, and a small handful of kale and you have a super healthy - and tasty! - drink. 

The day before I think I also drank two of the same thing.  I'd recommend a juicer to anyone who has access to lots of fruits and veggies!  You can even make some juices from a blender, too.  Here's a great tutorial.

Now, I'm off to shower my nastiness away and be sick some more.  In fact...
Kidding.. but seriously.


  1. Oh I'm sorry you've been so sick!! I *hate* that kind of cold, where you literally can't do ANYTHING but lay there and pray for death...or to feel better I guess. ;) I hope you are better SOON!

    I want a juicer so's just that I know I'd never use it because produce in Alaska is SOOOOOOOOOO expensive!!

    And I'm so glad you like the cowl - it's seriously SO cute on you!!!! I keep meaning to e-mail you and ask how it worked out...I guess I don't need to now! ;)

  2. I hope you start to feel better! I have a juicer in my garage. I use it quite a bit in the summer. I have never added kale or spinach to my juice. I hear it doesn't really change the flavor, just adds a ton of nutrients.

  3. Ugh, lame. I always seem to get sick over my days off. Which I guess it's nice to not be sick at work. But then you feel like you had no time off.

    I hope you feel 100% better soon!


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