Monday, March 5, 2012


First off, I finished the Hunger Games trilogy.  It was SO GOOD!  Oh my goodness.  I would recommend it to everyone.  I'm stoked for the movie to come out!

Now, going off of that... does anybody have a good book recommendation?  I'm in need of a good book.  Throw me your ideas!

Onto the actual post!

I stole got the idea for this from Meg.  I think it will be fun!


excited about going to see the Punch Brothers in Seattle tomorrow!!!  Yay!!  It's going to be awesome.

loving my husband.  He puts up with all the crap I give me.  He's wonderful and I don't tell him enough.

watching Family Guy.  I need to catch up on some episodes.

making nothing.  Sigh.  But I do have 2 projects that I'm in the process of making.  There will be posts about them.

yearning for spring.  I want to wear flippy floppies and bask in the sun!  I'm also dying to find a house for us.  We're not buying, yet, but I can't wait to just find a place for us to make our own for a bit.

eating vegan mac & cheese and kale chips!  YUM!

looking ahead to an awesome weekend.  Nick's playing in a friend's jazz recital so we're going over the mountains to hang out with friends and visit with Nick's family.  I'm so excited!

thankful for such a great place to live.  I'm thankful for wonderful family that loves and supports us.  I'm also thankful for Pandora.  Who isn't?

appreciating being able to save up money.  We haven't been able to really do this yet and it's so nice to have family that is allowing us to do this at their expense.  I love you guys!

listening to Jamie Cullum.  Do you know him?  I think he's fantastic.


  1. i like how we both had mac 'n cheese and kale chips! :) what fun. p.s. i love writing in this post style. it's a nice change for pace for sure. and you can use whatever words you want.

  2. I've just bought The Hunger Games trilogy. I'm looking forward to reading them!

  3. I just had vegan macaroni and cheese yesterday! I had no idea how to make it till I accidentally found a recipe. I had all the ingredients, so I gave it a whirl and it was delicious. Also, I approve of the kale chips. I think they're one of my favourite foods currently. :)


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