Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Biddle the Kitty.

I reminisced the other day and I have to share this with you.  It's too silly not to.
Ok, maybe it is a little too silly, BUT you have to know that I am a little silly.  Therefore, you shall just have to endure one "silly" post of mine.

My sophomore year of college, I received a stuffed cat as a Valentine's Day gift swap at work.  This cat was not too cute.  Just sayin'.   I don't know how it came up, but we ended up calling him Biddle.

He floated around our entire duplex.  We would hide him in weird places, place him in each others' rooms, etc.

One day we decided to do a "day in the life of" photo shoot with Biddle.

Here is, a day in the life of Biddle the kitty.  Prepare for photo overload.  I apologize.

Meet Biddle.  He's not just your average kitty.
He likes to spend hours on Youtube.  Even if it's to learn how to dance to Cotton Eyed Joe.

He is potty trained.
Even to the point that he knows how to wipe!

And flush!

He pretends he knows how to read...

...but he really needs a little help.

He enjoys the occasional horseback ride...

...and cuddling...

....even if his cuddle partner picks on him.

He loves Charlie...
...and Charlie's underwear.

He can even shower by himself!

He had to have surgery once...

...and after many intense and painful hours...

...the surgery was a success!

Biddle is now somewhere in this vast world.  Maybe he's exploring.  Maybe he's found a new home.  We can only hope for the best for our dear friend Biddle.


  1. HAHAHA! OMG this is to cute!

  2. that's hilarious and amazing! freshman year of college my friend and i shared this tiny, ugly red teddy bear named "Candy Apple Teddy".....we used to dress him in a makeshift parachute and drop him down the stairwells lol i wonder where CAT is now....

  3. LOL...that's hilarious. We did something similar once with a stuffed monkey my sister sent us...took him around town and put him different places and then sent all the pictures to my sister to show her what her "nephew" had been up to. Too fun!

  4. This made me laugh. :) Thanks!


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