Thursday, August 16, 2012

Honeymooners: Day 1

I did a series on our wedding and now I want to share with you the second best part of getting married, the honeymoon!! (the first part being the wedding and saying "I do")


We were incredibly fortunate to have a lot of help with the wedding and even with the honeymoon as well.  As a wedding gift from my grandparents AND my great aunt and uncle, we got to take an amazing honeymoon to Kauai!  I still can't thank them enough for all that they did for us.

Before the Kauai plans, Nick and I were planning on just taking a simple road trip down the Oregon coast or renting a cabin on a mountain somewhere.  When my family heard of this, they decided to step in!  

My grandparents used their timeshare for a condo in Princeville, Kauai and my aunt & uncle used some of their air mileage to get us a plane there.

Anyways, we left a week after the wedding.  We got to the airport 2 hours before our flight, and it's a good thing we did, because apparently we were listed as being on the plane!  This is where I start freaking out, but my husband acts very chill.  Long story short, my uncle bought tickets and a month later my aunt's wallet was stolen so they cancelled their credit card, well they forgot about the airline tickets and so therefore, it was like we never purchased tickets!  Well, we got a hold of my uncle (which took 30 minutes too long), and he eventually sorted things out.

After all of that we found out that the plane had to get fixed so our flight got changed (originally to 12 and then to 2!!).  I was freaking out  nervous, again, because we had a rental car to pick up at a certain time and I didn't want to get charged for being late to our pickup time.  Yes, I may have overreacted because I am a woman.  While waiting in line for our food vouchers, we found out that our flight had actually got rerouted.  So instead of taking 2 planes to get to Kauai we had to take 3.

A little crazy, but finally on our first plane of the day!
Our first flight left at 9:20 (we arrived at the terminal RIGHT when they were loading) and flew into Maui.  Then we hopped on another plane to Honolulu.  Once we got to Honolulu we were put on stand-by for the flight to Kauai.  Hello nerves!  By this time we were really sick and tired of flying and very hungry (we weren't going to spend our precious honeymoon dough on very expensive airport food).

The only food we ate (besides airplane food) for the entire day.

Airport #2, in Maui
Airport #3, in Honolulu.  Notice how our smiles seem to slowly diminish after each picture.

After about 20 minutes of sitting nervously, we finally got called to the plane (a great feeling, even though we had to sit in different seats, but we just wanted to get there!).

We found the rental car spot, paid $20987345780 for the rental car (seriously, they charged us about $300 more than what I orginally saw on the website), stopped for some delicious dinner, and got to the hotel just in time to watch the sunset on top of our cliff.  BEAUTIFUL!

Awesome restaurant called Wahooo in Kapa'a on Kauai.

Part 1 of our meal, clam chowder and clam soup with seasoned green beans.

The dinner we shared.  I think it was some kind of fish over seasoned mashed potatoes.   It was incredibly good.

We took a video the day we got there to show everybody our awesome condo and thank my grandparents.  Just ignore our silly comments and my very bad video taking skills (I learned later to NOT switch angles).
Also, I think this is the first video I've posted of us on here.  Woah!  Awesome.

Stay tuned for more of our honeymoon!


  1. excited for part2. i love hawaii (we were lucky enough to spend a week in honolulu - oahu)! :) can't wait to "explore" kauai with you.

  2. Love Hawaii, haven't been to Kauai yet though(soon hopefully). We went to Oahu on our honeymoon and I agree the rental car was a whole lot more than we thought when we arrived AND we barely used it cause of where are hotel was, lesson learned.

  3. Just got back last night from Kauai, and your pictures are making me want to go back. NOW! We stayed in Princeville too!


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