Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You may not know...

Thanks for the comments and love with the linkup yesterday (Monday).  You can still linkup if you want!
We just got back from our trip down to Portland and a super fast one-nighter camping trip on the beach.  I'll be sure to share an update with you on all that good stuff soon enough.  Until that time I hope you enjoy a little post I put together.  Inspired by some posts that have been floating around the blogosphere.

Since I have 100+ (ok, 101, but that's STILL 100+!) I decided to do a little about me post.  A few things you may not know about me (some of you seasoned readers may not know either, gasp!).   I hope you enjoy and thank you for following along!  

...I was in a saxophone quartet in college.  It was awesome.  We even had a pretty awesome photo shoot.  Just look at these incredibly good-looking people!

...I love the city, but I would never live in the city.  I'd much rather play in it and then go home to my secluded house on the outskirts of the city.

...I did marching band for 4 years in college.  The games were awesome, but I dreaded rehearsals. (My husband and I actually had our first conversation in marching band, cute!  Hah)


...Most Halloweens I tend to not dress like most women my age (you know what I mean...). For example, one year I went as a tourist.  Complete with hideous makeup and a ridiculously fat butt.

Found a bunch of weird jerseys at Goodwill.  What do we become?!  Table Tennis Team!

...weird, but true.  In college my roomies and I found a skeleton as a Halloween decoration.  We named him Charlie and he actually ended up staying on our wall year-round.  We even dressed him up for the holidays (including Valentine's Day, ha) AND took him to a football game.


...My best friend and I found a canoe in my grandparent's backyard one day.  Found out it was my uncle's old one and he didn't want it anymore.  Therefore, we took it and decided to make it incredibly awesome.  We painted it half pink, half green (although I don't know why we painted it pink, my friend is a male..) and gave it an awesome name, The Konquering Kayak (conquering with a K to be extra special).  We took it on some good adventures.


  1. Congratulations on the 100+ followers :D That's a huge blog milestone!
    Awesome photo shoot with your saxophone quartet, the pictures came out pretty darn awesome.
    Love your tourist costume!!
    It's always fun to get to know more about the person behind the blog :D

  2. YAY for 100+ followers!

    I LOVE that kayak! So cute!

  3. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers! :) I love posts like these! I played trombone in middle school! Giggle...blush....haha

  4. Love the crazy Halloween costumes-keep 'em up:-)


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