Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Honeymooners: Day 2 & 3

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Welcome back folks.  Continuing on our honeymoon, to your right you'll see...

Day 2:

We had planned to do lots of hiking, but it was actually spent shopping.  We ended up driving about 1 hour to Costco and we realized, as soon as we got there, that we forgot our Costco card!  So we had to forget it and just drive to the nearest Safeway.  I was pretty upset.  I mean, COSTCO!

We also found out that it costs about twice as much to buy food there compared to the mainland.  Good thing we're so rich, right.

Speaking of rich, here's our sweet rental!
After about 245 3 hours of shopping and time wasting, we were able to enjoy our day.  We went to Anini beach and it was awesome.  The water on the ocean was so incredibly warm!  We floated and swam in the ocean and really enjoyed soaking up the sun.

We then hiked the first mile of the Powerline trail.  It is a hike that travels along the Hanalei Valley next to, you guessed it, the power lines!

We got to hike around in parts of the jungle and witness the beautiful flora of the island.  There were so many different plants and flowers!

We ended our day with a long walk around the community of Princeville (our temporary home) and a very refreshing dip in the hot tub and pool.

PS.  Chickens & roosters are EVERYWHERE on the island.

Now, to your left, you'll find the ever popular...

Day 3:  

We stopped at the Kilauea lighthouse first thing in the morning, but it cost to get in so we didn't go up to it, but it was really beautiful! 


After we made that short pit stop at the lighthouse, we went to check out Anini beach (again).  It was really beautiful!  We didn't swim, but we walked around and sat for a bit and watched a few surfers and a cool kayaker.  It was really nice and relaxing.  What a vacation should be!

Then, we went to Bubba's Burgers.  It is apparently Robert Downey Jr's favorite place to eat in Kauai... okay.  It was pretty good for a burger place.  Not the best burger in the world, but you can't beat the location.

After getting fueled up from some good burgers, we walked around Kapa'a.  A very cool town!  There are a lot of shops and even more art galleries.  Have I mentioned that there are a TON of art galleries?  A lot of them are really cool.  Anyways, Nick ended up getting a cool t-shirt and I got a new dress.  Success!

We then heard from some guy in the hot tub that night about this secret locals-only-know-about-it-beach.  We decided to go find it and we found it pretty easily.  It is about a 1/4 mile hike down a hill and it's a BEAUTIFUL beach!  Oh my goodness!  There weren't that many people, but it was very amazing.  Check it out for yourself.

I haven't mentioned this yet, but past all of the condo complexes there is a little grass area that overlooks the ocean.  There are chairs and some really awesome BBQs that are right next to the cliffs.  Nick and I decided to BBQ our dinner.  It was amazing!

We ate and watched the sunset :)  Then we did our normal nighttime thing, which involves handing out in the pool/hot tub.  Kauai is an amazing island.

We'll continue our tour at a later date... stay tuned!


  1. I love the picture of you on the picnic table! :)

    It looks like y'all had a BALL. Can't wait to read more! :)

  2. Kauai looks like so much fun! My husband and I went to Oahu for our honeymoon and we're already planning a trip back...LOVE Hawaii!! :)

    Also, I see you're in/from Washington...which is awesome, because so am I! I live in Alaska right now, but Washington/Seattle will always be home!

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