Friday, August 3, 2012


I have decided to start a new button swapping system.  I was inspired by the great Malo.

I don't want to charge people to place their buttons on my blog, but I do want people that I have gotten to know through this blogging world.   
I don't want to swap buttons with people that I don't know and that are all about the advertising, not about the relationships.  Isn't blogging supposed to be about meeting new people, creating relationships, and bonding with people?

Therefore, I am going to use Passionfruit on my sidebar to swap buttons.  It's a super easy signup and you can change the button that shows up yourself whenever you want (pretty neat!).  It's also FREE.

Also, it means that each month you have to renew your button swapping with me.  Ok, that part kind of sucks for you, but it does make sense, doesn't it?

I'm not going to charge for you to have your button up there.  It's totally free.  Also, I'm going to pre-approve all button swappers so that I get people that are real and true.

I hope that hasn't scared you away because I do want to swap buttons and get people recognized that should get recognized.  I'm also not a horrible person out to throw down someone who genuinely wants to swap.  If you ask me nicely enough I'll probably still swap with you.

So, if you still want to swap, go ahead and signup below!  I really hope some of you decide to.


  1. I've been meaning to set up passionfruit ads on my blog too! I need to make buttons for myself first... Which may have to wait until after my wedding. However, in a month or so, I will definitely be interested in swapping with you!

  2. Thank you for the ad swap. I really think your blog is so adorable and I'm so excited to be your 100th follower :)


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