Thursday, August 30, 2012

What's in my bag?

I am long overdue for a what's in my bag post.  

My purse tends to get treated like my go-to for everything bag.  I usually throw all of my essentials (even some not shown in the picture).

So, here you go...

What's in my bag?

1.  My current read.  This just happens to be The Princess Bride right now.  I HIGHLY suggest you read it if you haven't.  It's hilarious!
2.  My wallet and checkbook. Of course.
3.  Necessities.  This includes hand lotion, chapstick, bobby pins, hair ties, contact solution (definite must for contact wearers) and aspirin!
4.  Phone!  Yes, I'm not cool enough to have a smart phone.
5.  Bluetooth.  With these cell phone laws around here, you HAVE to have one!
6. Vast amounts of pens, pencils, and markers.  Never know when you're gonna need 'em!
7. iPod and headphones.  Love my new iPod!  I take it everywhere.
8.  Keys.

So, what's in your bag?



  1. I might post a What's in my bag soon too. The Princess Bride is originally a book?? Shame on me, I didn't know!
    I got your email, take your time it's fine with me!!

  2. I LOVE the Princess bride! I should find the book! Have to say- if you want the apps,just get a tablet or ebook reader like the kindle. data plans are so pricey & you can do all the same things with a tablet. they also have more space! there are many apps i don't have because my phone only has room for so many. (don't feel too left out in other words!)
    Haha-pens. you seriously never can have too many huh? :)

  3. Your purse contents actually look pretty similar to mine! Maybe I'll do a blog post on my purse contents soon...I carry a lot of crap though, haha. Maybe I'll clean it out, and THEN do a!

  4. I want to try reading that book!! Who's the author? :)

  5. Wow, your bag looks so full of useful, clean stuff! I think mine is full of receipts, diapers, gummy wrappers and other unappealing things... haha. I don't even think I have a pen in there...

    NGF from,


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