Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

I know it's not Friday anymore, but I really want to do it.  So there.

1.  I am proud of  my husband.  He accomplished so much this week (including recording a demo CD with his band) and still looks for more crazy things to do with his life.  What a crazy man. 

2.   This weekend I will    be dog/house sitting.  It should be really fun!  I think we are going to bring our bikes as well and take a nice scenic bike ride.  Hopefully!  

3.  A secret dream I have is   to be a stay-at-home mother.  Homeschool my kids, live on a lake, have a huge craft know.  All that fun stuff!

4. I can't handle     my new iPod touch.  Seriously.  It's sucking away my free time.  I have spent too much time looking up awesome apps and playing with each one.  Oh goodness. 

5. The most annoying thing in the entire world is     not having cable.  I just want to watch the Olympics! At least my parents have cable.  There is some hope in this world ;) 

6. The most relaxing thing in the entire world is    sitting in the grass with a great book and some tasty lemon-water.  Oh so good.  

7.  I think everyone should   start a Words with Friends game with me.  Twosokools. I need some more games to play (I also need to waste more free time. Yes.) 


  1. We don't have cable either!! We just watch everything online either through Netflix or Hulu+. The only time it gets frustrating is during football season. That's when our "date night" budget gets out of control because we're always out watching the games!! Haha

  2. I have recently come to the realization that I kind of want to be a stay at home mom someday too! Which is weird because I used to not even be sure if I wanted kids.

  3. So I just sent you a words with friends invite! ;)I can't wait until I can hopefully be a stay at home mommy. It is so depressing that I have to go to work all day and my mom gets to stay home all day with little man. Ok so it would be way worse if he had to go to day care or something, but still it sucks


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