Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fort Kit

I have two cousins that have found a new love with making forts in the house.  So, for Christmas I found this wonderful idea from Saltwater Kids.  It's a homemade fort kit!  It was fun to make and they loved opening it!

Here is what I put in my fort kit:
--Two sheets with ribbons sewed on the corners for tying
--A handful of clothespins
--A handful of suction cup hangers
--A pack of glowsticks
--And a bag to put it all in!

As far as costs go:
The sheets were $1 each at Goodwill and everything else I had around the house.  I have seen clothespins, suction cups, rope, and glow sticks at the dollar store, too.  Overall, this shouldn't be too pricey!  :)

I started by sewing on some ribbon onto each of my sheets.

Then I gathered all my materials.  (glow sticks aren't pictured below)

I put all the items in a cute bag I had (you could also make one if you wanted) and then added a little tag to go on top!

What a great gift idea!  I hope you enjoy it, too!

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