Sunday, January 8, 2012

Get Outside Monday #1

Today is the day for my new linkup!  It's called: Get Outside Monday.  I'm very excited to start my own linkup and I hope you'll join me!

All you have to do is write about how you get/got outside.  It could be about a hike, camping trip, a run you took, or even just walking to the store.  You can also write about a plan you have for outside.  You get the idea...

Grab a button and linkup with me!

On Thursday, the hubby and I took a hike up on a big local ridge called Manastash Ridge.  It was beautiful!  And very icy and a little cold.

Look at the snow!

We I had some trouble with the icy spots.  I think my husband is part gazelle.  He just runs over the ice.  Crazy man!  But he is pretty cute, huh?  Side story: He found this great Marmot jacket at Goodwill and it has a little billed hood.  He is now my duck-billed marmot.  Tee-hee!  Don't tell him I told you that!
What a cutie!
The top is about 2 miles up and you gain about 2000 feet.  It's so worth it.  Look at this view!

What are you doing to get outside?


  1. I don't think your link up is working. Tried to link 2 hrs ago and still nothing showing. I'm going to try again... hope it doesn't do 2!

  2. @Teri

    Sorry about that! I really should have tested it first to make sure it worked. I added your link and I think it will work now!


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