Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 3: Eight Fears

Day 3! 

Today has to be eight fears.  Yuck, right?  Well, here goes nothing.

1.  Spiders.  Yuck!
2.  Heights.  I don't mind heights when I'm strapped in (like roller coasters or airplanes), but if I'm on a cliff it's not too much fun for me.
3.  Dark water, i.e. water that I can't see through.  Who knows what's down there?!
4.  The dark.  This is more when I'm walking alone outside and it's dark or when I'm home alone and you hear a million different sounds that you never hear before.
5.  Driving in a heavy downpour.  This is happens a lot around here and I really don't like it.
6.  Not being able to have kids.
7.  Being robbed.
8.  Never get to see Europe!

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  1. I will agree with you wholeheartedly on 6/8 of these, and if I were doing this challenge, those ones would probably be on my list. :P - Justina


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