Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Blog Challenge: Day 7

How do you like the new look?  I spent most of my morning making it and finding inspiration.  Make sure you check out the About Me page too because it's new!

Alright, day 7 of this Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge.

 The topic for today is: How do you celebrate the holidays?

This will be my 2nd year celebrating as an orthodox christian.  In the orthodox church there is a nativity fast from the middle of November until midnight of Christmas Eve.  At midnight it's a big party in celebration of Jesus' birth and Christmas day consists of good food.. or just food that contains meat and dairy.  Then it's Christmas morning with Nick's family and driving over to my family's house(s) the day after Christmas. 

This year will be a little crazy with all the driving, but I'm excited to spend it with all of our families. 

How do you celebrate?


  1. I absolutely love your new blog! so adorable!

  2. I wish we were doing the midnight Liturgy this year! It's my favourite part about Christmas... but oh well. Christmas Liturgy at normal time will be OK, too... I guess. ;)


  3. P.S. I read your 101 list of things to do, and I propose that we try to do some of them together! ;)



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