Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A new job!

Tomorrow is the day that I officially start my new job!  I'm really excited.  My new job is a nanny for a 6-year-old boy.  Good thing I got that teaching certificate #end sarcasm.  You're probably thinking that it's an easy job because he goes to school right?  Well, the cool thing about this is that I get to be the teacher!  That's right.  He is home-schooled and so I will be his teacher/nanny.

I've been going crazy on Pinterest trying to find great crafts for us to do because he is a very active little boy.  His mom said that he loves hiking, being outside, art, painting, and everything!

If you are a mom/teacher I would really appreciate any ideas for what we can do together.  Pinterest only goes so far and the rest must be from me, which is TOTALLY fine with me.  I have plenty of ideas for us to last quite awhile, but it's nice to hear from other people out there.  

Now, I must put some of the super cute Christmas crafts on here for you from my Pinterest.  Check out my Pinterest in order to see all of the other crafts!

Source: education.com via Alison on Pinterest

Enjoy these crafts!  I'll post when we do these together!


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