Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 4: Seven Wants

It is now day four of the 10 Day You Challenge.  I think this is a great topic for today considering that Christmas is almost here.  5 days, isn't that crazy!?

Today's topic is: Seven Wants

1.  An iPad.  I think they are so cool and I would have so much fun with one!
2.  A house or a nice apartment.  It would be nice to get out of a small/cheap duplex and move into a house that isn't awkwardly shaped and has 2 bedrooms.  That would be nice.  *sigh*
3.  A new car.  Our car is getting up there in miles and use.  We also share a car and so it would be nice to have another one for times when we both need to use it.  It would also be great to have an all-wheel-drive car.
4.  Summer.  Maybe not summer, but just a really nice day with sun and really warm weather.  I want to go sit outside and read... but not in the cold, thank you!
5.  Snow.  Ha, I know the last one and this one clash, but we haven't had some decent snow that has stuck since mid-November.  I just want one nice big dump for Christmas time.  Pleeeease?
6.  A huge delicious veggie sandwich with lots of avocados.  Can you tell it's lunch time?
7.  More money.  Who doesn't right?   :)

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