Friday, December 2, 2011

A few Christmas decorations

One of my goals for this blog is to share with you some ways that I have created things by being frugal.  I'm going to call this frugal-ness.  :)

I believe that everyone can find goodies with very little money.  So this is my first post regarding frugal-ness and I'm excited to share with you what I've found/done!  I spend a lot of time finding ways to create things for as little money as possible. 

This is our first Christmas as a married couple and we're also hosting our first Christmas party in a few days.  I wanted to make sure our house looked somewhat cute & decked out in Christmas gear.  I found a few great ideas on Pinterest (check out my Holiday Pinterest Board).  I took those ideas and put my own twist on them so that it would be a little of my own as well.

The first thing I did was fill some glass jars/containers with candy canes and ornaments.

I found the smaller containers at the local St. Vincent's Thrift Store and the large ones were a wedding gift (although I have seen some similar at the dollar store).  The ornaments and candy canes came from the dollar store.  You can get a pack of the little ones (glittered or shiny) and it comes with 15 of them!  All I bought was 4 boxes of small ornaments, 2 boxes of big ones and that's it!  I think this whole decor (included on both sides of my fireplace) cost me about $11!

I also saw an idea for framing wrapping paper and cool Christmas-y quotes.  That is where these frames came from.  The only ones that aren't wrapping paper are the "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" on the top and the middle frame.  All of these frames were bought from Walmart for about $2-4 (I can't really remember, it's been awhile).

This frame has a wonderful Dr. Seuss quote from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  I just took the quote in Microsoft Word and played with font sizes/colors.  It was fun and the hubby even helped! 

I hope that gives you a little inspiration if you are looking for some.  Nick and I did another art project yesterday, not Christmas related, that I'll show you when it's finished drying.  :)


  1. really cute ideas. i might have to borrow some! :) diggin' the "frugal-ness" - can't wait for more tips in regard to frugal-living or frugality if you will lol

  2. @Meg C.
    Thank you thank you! There will definitely be more :)

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