Friday, December 2, 2011

Splatter Painting!

I'm SUPER excited about this project and I want to share it with you guys because it only cost us $9!!!

Yes...Nick and I made splatter paintings!!!  It was SO much fun!  All we did was buy a pack of three medium-sized canvases ($5 at walmart) and four different acrylic paints ($1 each at walmart).  And that was it!  We got tan, purple, yellow, and silver.

Then we put them in a jar and added a little bit of water to them.  The water makes it a little runny which you need in order for it to "splatter".

We had some extra tarp lying around and we just laid that outside with the canvases where we wanted them.  We then took some paintbrushes and just started splattering!  There are so many ways to splatter too.  You can let it simply fall off the paintbrush, throw it at the canvas from different angles, or swirl it around.  It was a lot of fun!
 Here's my hubby having fun :)

A work in progress and now....

I would HIGHLY recommend this project because it is a ton of fun and you can decorate your house with your own art.  We already have some great artwork up by some friends.  Happy painting!


  1. love spatter painting - so fun. did you ever do spin art as a kid?! now that was awesome!

    oh and since you two had fun spatter painting you should really try crayon melting :

    have a great weekend!!

  2. @Meg C.
    I've seen that idea around! That is definitely on my must-do list! I'm glad you posted about it, this is awesome :) Thank you!!!

  3. @Alison

    anytime! it was so fun, but kinda messy. i used both techniques - blow drying and running the crayons through a cheap glue gun. :)

  4. The joy of creativity; the results are really kewl, you guys!!


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